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Robovirus is a new product in development of the Finnish gaming company named Stolen Shoes Entertainment. RoboVirus is a 2 to 4 player local multiplayer game (soon to be also online multiplayer game) where you blast your friends using rockets, lasers, or by using the environment to your advantage.

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Interactive Levels

Many levels have interactive elements within them, such as: moving platforms, treadmills or even traps. So, thread every step with caution.

Controller Support

The game is designed for controller in mind so you could get the most enjoyment out of your game session. The controller controls are easy and go as follow:
Left trigger to dash, right trigger to shoot, left thumb stick to move, right thumb stick to aim, A and B Xbox controller OR X and O on ps4 controller are used for menu navigation. But if you’re dedicated to the PC master race and you want to stick to mouse and keyboard that is of course also an option with the following controls:
WASD or arrow keys for moving, shift is used for dash and the mouse will be used for aiming and shooting.